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The Team

Meet the international team and ship's crew who are heading northward on the R/V Lance


Bob Pickart

Principal Investigator, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Bob is from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) and is in charge of their part of this expedition. His job is to oversee the recovery of his four moorings and plan a hydrographic survey of the Arctic shelf region.

Vladimir Pavlov

Chief Scientist, Norwegian Polar Institute

Vladimir is the chief scientist aboard the Lance and one of the three principal investigators aboard. He is in charge of all science operations on the ship and calls the shots on where the ship is to go and in what order we get all the work done in.

Agnieszka Beszcynska

IOPAS, Poland

Agnieszka is a physical oceanographer and the final of the three principal investigator on this expedition. She has two moorings that she hopes to recover and then redeploy during our 20 day expedition.

Jim Ryder

Mooring technician, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Jim is a mooring technician from WHOI. He is in charge of deck operations during the recovery of the WHOI moorings. It's a lengthy and very technical processes recovering the heavy and cumbersome instruments from the depths. We're in good hands - Jim is one of the most experienced mooring techs at WHOI.

Dan Torres

Mooring technician, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Dan is assisting with mooring recoveries and is also responsible for downloading much of the data from the WHOI instruments that are recovered.

Kjetil Vage

University of Bergen

Kjetil is aboard to assist with deck operations during the recovery of WHOI moorings.

Maria Pisarevva

PhD student, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Maria is part of the CTD team aboard – this involves collecting key oceanographic measurements such as temperature, salinity and current speed using a device that we lower to the sea floor - at times 3000 m below the ship.

Matt Pickart

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Like Maria, Matt is on CTD duty. The CTD teams are on a 6 hours on, 6 hours off schedule.

Alexey Morozov

Norwegian Polar Institute

Alexey is onboard with Vladimir to understand the warm water inflow to the Arctic Ocean. He is part of the CTD team taking measurements of vital ocean properties.

Kristen Fossan

Mooring technician, Norwegian Polar Institute

Kristen is in charge of the mooring operations for the Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI). In addition to recovering their moorings, NPI are redeploying some of theirs near the end of the expedition.

Marius Bratrein

Norwegian Polar Institute

Marius is also working on the instruments recovered by NPI on this expedition. He will be resetting and recharging the instruments after they are recovered before they are redeployed to the icy depths.

Ronald Pedersen

Institute of Marine Research (IMR), Norway

Ronald is an instrument technician. He will be downloading data from recovered instruments, refitting them and making sure they are all ready to be redeployed at the end of the expedition.

Piotr Wieczorek

Mooring technician, IOPAS, Poland

Piotr will oversee the recovery of the moorings from INST. Once recovered he has the task of refitting the moorings ahead of their redeployment.

Sigrid Oygarden

University of Tromso, Norway

Sigrid is aboard to take biology measurements. She takes water samples from various depths in the ocean and filters out all the microscopic plants and animals in order to understand the vital lowest end of the food chain in the Arctic.

Christian Engelke

NPI, Norway

Christian is taking chemical measurements aboard the Lance. This involves taking water samples at different depths and testing for the presence of important chemicals in the water.

Ben Harden

Outreach Coordinator, Video and Radio

Ben is a postdoctoral researcher at WHOI studying currents and strong winds around Greenland. On this expedition, he is coordinating the outreach effort and will be producing video and podcasts for publication on this site once we return to the land of high speed internet. He has been documenting science and life aboard research vessels for the past three years.

Dallas Murphy

Outreach Writer

Dallas is the author of eight books, a mix of fiction and nonfiction, most recently To the Denmark Strait, an account of a 2011 oceanographic expedition with Bob Pickart . This is his eight cruise, his fifth in the Arctic, working as outreach writer.

Amy Cooper

Stills and Video

Amy is new to the team and to the Arctic. She keeps a diverse portfolio of projects doing outreach for land based projects including Secret Seed Society, a project about growing vegetables in cities.

Olav Iversen


Captain Olav is in charge of the ship. From the bridge he can coordinate all activities on the ship, both scientific and otherwise.

Jan Utheim

Chief Mate

Jan is Olav's second in command. One of them is always to be found on the bridge. They take six hour shifts manning the controls on the bridge.

Lindvald Sigursen

Chief Engineer

TThe chief engineer is responsible for all things mechanical. He spends most of his time in his workshop or the engine room. He is the man in charge of the engine, the plumbing, the lighting,everything that needs to work inside the boat.

Herulf Andreassen


Herulf is in charge of all deck operations. Although each institute's technicians handle the recovery of individual moorings, he is in charge overall. Any work outside on the ship is his responsibility.

Tom Einar Kristoffersen


Tom is our chef aboard – a truly imprtant position. He has 30 hungry mouths to feed, three times a day and does a fantastic job at it.